The Facebook and AI Masterclass!

The 4-Step System to Better Leads & More Sales...

(For busy business owners who want maximum ROI from Facebook, Instagram using AI-Powered Marketing)

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$25K Contract and 90 Qualified Leads in Less than 7-Days!

Since implementing one of Kerry’s strategies just one week ago, our business is booked out and our phone has not stopped buzzing with leads. So far we have 90+ qualified leads and we made over $25K

Summar Bulmer-McAuliffe

In this value-packed Masterclass,

you’ll discover:


How to Unlock the key to finding your perfect audience less with the dynamic duo of Facebook and Artificial Intelligence. Brace yourself, I'm spilling the beans on one of my top-secret targeting strategies for reaching ready-to-buy ideal clients. This is covered in the first 10 minutes of my masterclass.


Build Trust and Authority: Transform Your Audience with Strategic Content Creation. Get ready to level up your content creation game with this mind-blowing strategy. Follow me as I show you how to transform a free AI tool into your own personal writing intern that speaks in your voice. With this hack, you'll be able to create killer content that grabs your dream client's attention, perfectly reflects your style, and builds trust faster than a cork flying off a champagne bottle in celebration to your success. I'll even show you how to turn that content into videos without having to be in front of the camera.


How to Build a Triple-Threat List with Messenger Magic: Dive into the game-changing strategy that turns Messenger chats into a lead-generating powerhouse. I'm taking you behind the scenes to reveal how you can effortlessly capture not just one, but three types of lists: a Messenger list for instant contact, an email list for deep dives, and a phone list for that personal touch. Imagine hitting your audience where they hang out, then smoothly asking for their email and number—all within the flow of conversation.This segment is all about action: quick tips, straightforward strategies, and real results. Get ready to build your lists smarter, not harder, and watch your
ready-to-buy audience grow by the minute.


Maximize Sales & Scale Success: Master Facebook Ads with Multi-Channel Follow-Up. We'll explore the ins and outs of crafting compelling Facebook Ads that not only capture attention but convert viewers into loyal customers. But it doesn't stop there—we're taking a holistic approach to digital marketing by integrating Messenger, Email, and SMS into your follow-up strategies. This multi-channel follow-up ensures that no lead is left behind, enhancing customer engagement and maximizing conversion opportunities.

And much more including…..

  • The BIG mistakes you need to AVOID (and why a lot of businesses stumble here).

  • What you MUST do to make Facebook love you! (Do the opposite of this and they will banish you to Facebook jail…)

  • The latest strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW and start seeing results.

A Note from Kerry...

Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising? Are you interested in learning how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help you with not just Facebook Marketing but all of your marketing?

Join me on my masterclass and I'll show you how to succeed with Facebook and stay ahead with AI!

There has been a lot of talk lately about ChatGPT and other AI technologies, and their potential to revolutionise the way we approach digital advertising. But with so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start in my 60 minute Master Meta Masterclass, I'll be teaching business owners like yourself how to master Facebook, Instagram, Chatbots and the very latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Keonie Moore

Founder of ReMED Natural

Medicine Clinic

We made $18,500 of extra income in only 3 months

From just ONE of Kerry's strategies, we made $18,500 of extra income in only 3 months. And this all happened throughout the Covid lockdowns in Melbourne! It has been a real blessing. Kerry has been just so incredible.

Carl Crafoord

Owner of Sail Exchange

We started this 2 weeks ago, and we went from a FB audience of 5,000 to over 100,000

We started this 2 weeks ago, and we went from a FB audience of 5,000 to over 100,000. We've gone from a national company to an international company… we’ve had orders from Greece, Poland, and the Philippines. Kerry and her team are fantastic!

Dene Black

Owner of Ritewood Composite


We have won a couple of big contracts over $15,000

Since working with Kerry and her team we are being bombarded with leads on a daily basis. Her lead generation strategy is amazing. We have won a couple of big contracts over $15,000 each to supply (decking) and we are really only just getting started!

Sue Collier

Owner of More For Horses

I got 117 qualified leads in the first 24 hours

Through the marketing that Kerry taught me, I got 117 qualified leads in the first 24 hours, for a total of 380 leads throughout my first campaign. It has really been life-changing. Don't hesitate to work with Kerry, your business will go through the roof!

Kin Cheung

Owner of Second Home

With Kerry’s help, we hit that goal in only 3 months!

I set a sales goal of $200,000 and with Kerry’s help, we hit that goal in only 3 months! And we’re getting leads 10x cheaper than we were before. Kerry’s strategies and team made this happen for me.

Lisa Cohen

Owner of Riverina Jerky

With Kerry’s help we were able to pivot to online

When Covid hit I was really nervous because I realized my business model relied heavily on face-to-face sales. With Kerry’s help we were able to pivot to online, and after implementing just ONE of Kerry’s list-building strategies, we are so much further ahead of where we were! In 1 month (during lockdowns), we had a 260% increase in sales, bringing in over $16,000 that we would not have made otherwise.


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