In this free Facebook and AI Marketing Masterclass I will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to skyrocket your sales in 2024 Using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and AI!

With my step-by-step proven Facebook and AI Marketing System, you’ll discover:

  • How to create SUCCESSFUL Facebook Marketing Campaigns that will pull in a truck-load of Leads, Engagement, and Sales for your business.

  • How to leverage the latest AI tools for marketing (this is save you hours of time)

  • The BIG mistakes you need to AVOID (and why a lot of businesses stumble here).

  • What you MUST do to make Facebook love you! (Do the opposite of this and they will banish you to Facebook jail…)

  • The latest strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW and start seeing results.

  • And loads more…


Watch Now!

It breaks my heart to see people burning time and money on strategies that just don’t work – or WORSE – not even trying because they’re too scared of failure… sound about right so far?

The secret to doing Facebook and Instagram marketing successfully is knowing what is and isn’t working RIGHT NOW.

The ‘rules’ are constantly changing, and you must be up to date if you want to play this game and win.

That's why I've put together this 70-minute masterclass - to help business owners like you...

  • The new business owner who is excited to catapult their business using the wonderful world of Facebook – but just has no idea where to start…
  • The frustrated business owner who has tried marketing on social media without success and wants to know how to do it properly
  • The Mumpreneur (or Dadpreneur) that wants to start a business they can run in their spare time.
  • The busy business person that just wants someone to show them exactly what to do and not waste time figuring it out on their own.

I will walk you through step-by-step the strategies that I use in my own business and with hundreds of my clients, and show you the exact DOs and DON’Ts – all based on my 13 years of experience in Facebook marketing

The very same secrets and strategies I’ll be sharing have helped myself and my clients boost their businesses in so many exciting ways:

From just ONE of Kerry's strategies, we made $18,500 of extra income in only 3 months. And this all happened throughout the Covid lockdowns in Melbourne! It has been a real blessing. Kerry has been just so incredible.

Keonie Moore – Founder of ReMED Natural Medicine Clinic

Since implementing Kerry’s strategies 1 week ago, our business is booked out and our phone has not stopped buzzing with leads!

So far we have 90+ qualified leads, our website visits have tripled, and we have made $25,000!

Summar Bulmar-Mcauliffe – Owner of Fresher Bathrooms

We started this 2 weeks ago, and we went from a FB audience of 5,000 to over 100,000. We've gone from a national company to an international company… we’ve had orders from Greece, Poland, and the Philippines. Kerry and her team are fantastic!

Carl Crafoord – Owner of Sail Exchange

Since working with Kerry and her team we are being bombarded with leads on a daily basis. Her lead generation strategy is amazing. We have won a couple of big contracts over $15,000 each to supply (decking) and we are really only just getting started!

Dene Black – Owner of Ritewood Composite Decking

Through the marketing that Kerry taught me, I got 117 qualified leads in the first 24 hours, for a total of 380 leads throughout my first campaign. It has really been life-changing. Don't hesitate to work with Kerry, your business will go through the roof!

Sue Collier – Owner of More For Horses

I set a sales goal of $200,000 and with Kerry’s help, we hit that goal in only 3 months! And we’re getting leads 10x cheaper than we were before. Kerry’s strategies and team made this happen for me.

Kin Cheung – Owner of Second Home

When Covid hit I was really nervous because I realized my business model relied heavily on face-to-face sales. With Kerry’s help we were able to pivot to online, and after implementing just ONE of Kerry’s list-building strategies, we are so much further ahead of where we were! In 1 month (during lockdowns), we had a 260% increase in sales, bringing in over $16,000 that we would not have made otherwise.

Lisa Cohen – Owner of Riverina Jerky

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